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Ola Larsson
Ola Larsson
Art Director & freelance illustrator
Trollhättan, Sweden


Ive been working professionally as a freelance artist and illustrator for aprox. 20 yrs now. The clientel branches widely from the music, (animated) film and gamingindustry while I try hard to get some time to evolve and try out some of my own ideas.

I have a background as a "traditional" painter, as in oil, canvas and paper and moved into the digital realm some 10 - 15 yrs ago - these transitions tend to creep up on you slowly.

Right now I hold the position of art director for an animation studio in sweden (Dollhouse Animation Studio) that specialises in films for a younger audience. Feel free to drop any question or input - I cant promise to answer right away every time, but I CAN promise that I always will come around and respond to all comments eventually. I will try to make something proper of the "production experience" section when time will allow it, but for now you will just have to take my word for it.